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An observation confirmed every year, still true today, as their usage continues to grow in global industrial production

Indeed, this group of 17 rare metals has become one of the key factors in global growth

Neodymium is everywhere in electronics where powerful magnets are required in small volumes: in wind turbines or high-efficiency electric motors, in microphones or speakers of smartphones. In other words, it is present in the entire high-tech industry.

The magnetic, optical, and luminescent properties of Terbium make it a valuable element for the production of powerful magnets, liquid crystal displays, efficient lighting, and advanced scientific research. The usefulness of Terbium continues to grow, and its significance in our modern society cannot be underestimated.

Essential raw materials

Terbium Nodymium Dysprosium Praseodynium

Praseodymium's magnetic, optical, and mechanical properties make it an essential material for the production of powerful magnets, special glasses, resistant alloys, and rechargeable batteries. Additionally, it finds applications in lasers and contributes to the advancement of green energy technologies. The usefulness of praseodymium in our modern society is undeniable and continues to evolve.

Just like neodymium, dysprosium possesses highly magnetic properties. Dysprosium is also a component of permanent magnets used in generators for electricity production and in electric vehicles. It serves, for example, as a protective agent for nuclear reactors and energy-efficient light bulbs, sectors that are far from being abandoned.

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